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Introduction to Rijal Studies


Author: Baqir al-Irawani

Translator: Zaid Alsalami

Publisher: Islamic College for Advanced Studies

I have not had a chance to read through this book. Here is a book description from the website:

“Introduction to Rijal Studies is an English translation of Durus Tamhidiyyah fi al-Qawa’id al-­Rijaliyyah, a widely-used textbook in Islamic seminaries. Designed for beginners to the subject, the book is written in a clear and succinct manner and includes numerous worked examples as well as revision questions at the end of each chapter. Among the topics investigated by the author are the methodology used to establish the reliability of narrators, the general classifications of reliability, the types of traditions, and the major hadith and rijal books.”

One monograph that might be of interest: The Words of the Imams: Al-Shaykh al-Saduq and the Development of Twelver Shi‘i Hadith Literature by George Warner.

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