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Who is Zaynab ?


Every year the world witnesses millions of people descend upon Karbala to commemorate the valiant stand of Imam Hussain (p) to protect Islam. It is not a visitation for personal gain, nor is it merely to fulfil a ritual practice that is centuries old. Instead, it is a deep conviction and resolve to reaffirm and uphold what Imam Hussain stood and died for on the plains of Karbala. Yet, the principles which he sacrificed himself, his companions, and his family for had to be kept alive after he departed from this world. Such a task could not have been placed on just any person, rather, that responsibility had to be given to someone who was unbreakably strong, absolutely firm in their conviction, and possessing the knowledge and eloquence to keep the Hussaini legacy alive. This was Zaynab, the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp), the daughter of Imam Ali (p) and Lady Fatima (p), and the devoted sister of Imam Hussain. Her birth, upbringing, and the events of her life led to what would be her fateful destiny in Karbala, Kufah, and Damascus. She pushed back against tyranny and oppression, resisted corruption of the lofty ideals of Islam, shattered social boundaries, and demonstrated that wisdom, resolve, and forbearance can overcome any adversity. This is Zaynab!

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