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Learning Spirituality from Imam Husayn – A Commentary on Du’a ‘Arafah

Author: Javad Shomali



Du’a ‘Arafah of Imam Husayn is among the deepest texts on spirituality. It is an inexhaustible ocean of spirituality and knowledge. The deeper a person can dive, the more gems they will find. This book is a humble attempt to bring out some of these gems and share them with you.

I personally feel like I learned more from reflection on this du‘a, than I had learned from years of studying and reading about religion and God. Du’a ‘Arafah did not just teach me about God, but also enabled me to feel His presence and love. And I am very excited to share this experience with you. The commentary is designed to help you connect with the phrases of the du‘a in a more personal and real way.

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