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Muslim ibn-Aqil (Messenger of al-Hussain)


Allah has completed his proof upon His servants, not allowing them to have an excuse for their negligence of faith and struggle (for His sake). To complete His religion and proof upon His creation, He sent prophets to set a good example for humanity. Then, He chose successors to be Imams that can be followed and enlightened from. Then, He chose from His creation martyrs who are in a lesser rank than prophets and successors and are humans like anyone else. Except that their struggle for the sake of Allah elevated them to the high ranks. So, if someone were to say: “I cannot be like the Messenger (s) or the Imams (‘a),” he cannot find an excuse to not follow the companions, supporters and followers of the Messenger and Imams (‘a).

So, why do we not follow our master al-Abbas Ibn Ali (‘a) as an example for our lives? Or why do we not follow our master Ali al-Akbar, the son of the Martyred Grandson Imam Hussain (‘a), or al-Qassim Ibn al-Hassan (‘a)? Why do we not follow and be guided with light of our master Muslim Ibn Aqil (‘a), the Messenger of al-Hussain (‘a), the first martyr to fall for the love of the martyred grandson?

For this, Allah (swt) blessed me with (writing) the biography of this oppressed Sayyid from the family of the Messenger, who the Beloved of Allah (s) cried for while saying: “To Allah, I complain about what my family will face after me.”

Despite the story of Muslim Ibn Aqil (‘a) ending with his martyrdom, his noble blood still fuels the torch of revolution and lightens the paths of fighters. I ask Allah to make these papers an aid for me and the readers (in intercession) on the Day of Judgement, and to bless us with following Muslim in his path of struggle (for His sake), surely, He is All-hearing, All-responsive (to prayers).

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