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Ali al-Akbar (Heir of al-Hussain)


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulPraise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and may his blessings be upon Mohammed and his Pure Household.Humans (often) select role models to emulate in their daily activities. For a Muslim, there are many opportunities for this and examples to look for. The Prophet Mohammed, for example, is the greatest role model for every believer. So are his Household. But many Muslims today lose these opportunities and are either left clueless or take infidels as their role models.One of the primary reasons for this may be the Muslims’ unawareness of the lives of their guiding leaders and that is due to the loss of proper education.At home, there aren’t any available educational opportunities to understand the lives of the Prophet, his Household, or important leaders, either due to their parents’ businesses, their weak religious knowledge, or because Video Games and televisions have taken the time of these children leaving them no time to learn from their parents.For a long time, the Lord has blessed me to write a series of summarized books about the Prophet and his Household (Peace and Blessings be Upon Them) which have been published and put in Islamic libraries.In the past few years, Allah has blessed me to speak about three of the greatest, brightest stars that were involved in the epic of Ashura. I wrote about the Truthful Lady Zainab, the sister of al-Hussain, al-Abbas, the supporter of al-Hussain, and Muslim Ibn Aqil, the messenger of al-Hussain, and here I am today hoping to write a book on Ali al-Akbar (the eldest), the heir of al-Hussain, and I ask the Almighty for it to provide guidance to the dear readers and aid for me (in the hereafter).And I’m in hope that our youth find a golden opportunity in it to rise through emulating these pure people who supported the Martyred Grandson, and may Allah help.6th of the Sacred Muharram, 1418 AHMohammed Taqi al-Modarresi

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