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Sons of Imam al-Hassan


The mind and heritage are the two sources of human movement in life. The mind distinguishes the fresh from the rotten and the truth from false in heritage. While heritage itself awakens human activity and humane incentives. There are many rich experiences in our (Muslim) heritage which (if used properly) could reshape our lives differently.

Today, we face a strong movement of intruding cultures. We must trust in what we have of heritage, ideologies and experiences. Not only to compete with other cultures, but also to be able to understand it, benefit from it and spread it.

We seek to study in these humble pages the lives of the children of al-Hassan in Karbala to learn a lesson for our lives and our path of defending the values, God-willing. As we desperately need the spirit of defense and the enthusiasm for resistance in this day in which nations are gathering against us. In this day in which great powers are oppressing us, and the corruption-seeking powers are crushing us and our values.

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