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The Truthful Zaynab – Sister of Al-Hussain (AS)


Zainab (‘a) witnessed the revolution of the Martyred Imam and carried its message to the world. Because the goal of the revolution was to awaken the people’s conscience, we can say that the blood of the martyrs would have been in vain without the role of the great witness Zainab (‘a) and the role of the other witnesses with her. This was the reason Imam al-Hussain (‘a) brought his women with him.

In reality, destiny had prepared the truthful Zainab (‘a) for this role, and during her short life after the Battle of Karbala, she planted in every horizon of the Islamic world the seeds of the Hussaini revolution and dug a flowing river of noble emotions towards the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) that made the words “O’ the avengers of Hussain” a trigger in the hearts of the Muslims. One which when called mobilizes the people to revolt and prepare for martyrdom. Martyrdom for the sake of Allah and resistance against the tyrants became goal for the virtuous sons of the nation. That is all by virtue of the martyrdom of al- Hussain (‘a), and the words of the Truthful Zainab (‘a) and the other captives of the Battle of Karbala.

Today, hundreds of millions of people follow the example of this Virtuous Truthful Lady, and annually revive the rituals of the Martyred Imam which spread and become more glamorous every day.

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