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Treatise on Spiritual Journeying and Wayfaring


Author: Attributed to Bahr al-Ulum. Edited, annotated, and introduced by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Husayni Tihrani

Translator: Tawus Raja

Publisher: Kazi Publications

This is an excellent spiritual manual attributed to Bahr al-Ulum, an important 18th century religious authority in the Shi‘i tradition. I have only skimmed through this book briefly, so I don’t feel too qualified to speak about its contents. Here is what was written by Shaykh Fadhalla Haeri about this book: “This book is a very rich traditional treatise on gnosis and enlightenment. It shows clearly the two-dimensionality of human experience and the unity of truth that encompasses the universe. It also describes myriad aspects of the four dimensions of the self: lower and higher, as well as intellect and reason as well as its opposite illusions and fantasies. A wonderful guide for the practicing Muslim.”

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