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Al-Ghadeer in Quran, Traditions, and Literature (Volume 1 and Volume 2)

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Author: Allamah Shaykh Abdul Hussain Amini

Translator: Sayyid Athar Hussain S.H. Rizvi, assisted by Janab Syed Fayyaz Husain Abedi

Publisher: Shia Books Australia

This unique work is an abridged two-volume translation of Ayatollah Amini’s monumental eleven-volume work on Ghadeer. Ayatollah Amini spent 40 years researching and writing his work. He researched more than 30,000 books, traveled to several different countries (including India, Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq), and reportedly worked between 17–19 hours per day. If you can get your hands on it, I think it would be a wonderful addition to your library.

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